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Inspired by this week...

Lately, I’ve really been getting into artists who explore abstracted landscapes. I’m enjoying pieces that are still recognisable as landscapes, but celebrate the feeling, the experience of the location more than the precise details of what was in front of the artist at the time. So here is my round-up of my favourite landscape artists on Instagram at the moment – some of these are more abstract than others, but what they have in common that I find really inspiring is their ability to simplify and deconstruct the landscape and the intensity of the colours they use. It can’t be a coincidence that only one of these artists doesn’t live in Australia… I think there’s something special about the nature that we have here that inspires this style of art.

Debbie Mackinnon.jpg

Debbie Mackinnon

From Sydney, New South Wales

Suzie Riley_smaller.jpeg

Suzie Riley

From the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia

Richard Claremont.jpg

Richard Claremont

From Wollongong, New South Wales

Richard Musgrave Evans copy.jpg

Richard Musgrave Evans

From South Australia

Katie Wyatt.jpg

Katie Wyatt

From Adelaide, South Australia

Luke Sciberras.jpg

Luke Sciberras

from Hill End, New South Wales

Magdalena Morey.jpg

Magdalena Morey

From Madrid, Spain


All images belong to the respective artists and I only share them here to encourage you to check out their wonderful work.