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I'm published!

2019-06-02 02.31.56 1.jpg

OK, so this actually happened back in January. Since I’m actually terrible at talking up my own achievements, I mentioned this momentous occasion on Instagram, but didn’t post about it.

But now I am!

Hammond House publishing in the U.K. runs an international literary competition each year and the shortlisted entries are published in a nice little printed (yes!) anthology. I’m proud to say that my short story, “I am Destruction” made the grade for their 2018 book. I wrote this story a few years ago, over many lunch breaks spent sitting in the park near work or in a quiet cafe and it’s taken quite a while to have it accepted somewhere.

I’m looking forward to sitting down with this and checking out all the other stories. Since my to-read pile is out of control, I haven’t had the chance yet. Altogether, there are forty-eight short stories in the 2018 anthology, all with a different interpretation of the theme, “Precious”. If you’re interested, copies can be purchased on the Hammond House Publishing website.