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Inspired by this week...

When I had the idea to create a new website to serve as a homage to my love of books, I decided to be quite self-indulgent about it. After all, when does a practising graphic designer get to revel in colours and type and layout and imagery to suit only their own ideas of beauty, order and logic? So I let my current obsessions feed into the design, and the result is as you see it.

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The Master Sculptor

Over time, Nature shapes stone. From day to day, the transformation will not be discernible, for the Mother is a subtle sculptor. Sometimes the changes made enhance the original form, and sadly, sometimes beauty is ruined. Occasionally, a stone will be completely transformed in a matter of moments by a violent, crushing wall of water. More often, it is years of wind and rain, of waves and footsteps that slowly make an indelible impression upon all that they touch.

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