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The Heart Goes Last
by Margaret Atwood

The Heart Goes Last is a seemingly lighter venture into our dark future – while there is nothing one can reasonably laugh at in The Handmaid’s Tale or Oryx and Crake, The Heart Goes Last is presented with a tongue firmly in Atwood’s cheek: the atrocities committed in this book feel too ludicrous to be a future we can reasonably expect to encounter.

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Atlantic Black by A. S. Patrić

A.S. Patrić’s Atlantic Black is as shadowy liquid as the its title suggests. I read this entire novel feeling as though I was floating through a strange dream, moving through water, a shifting, uncertain landscape. Death comes up often here, sometimes as surrender, sometimes as liberation, a spectre never lingering far from the action at hand.

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Black Rock, White City by A.S. Patrić

Black Rock, White City is set in the very near past: it is the story of a couple who have escaped the horrors of the Bosnian war to make a new life in Melbourne, Australia. The tragedy they have suffered has unfortunately pushed them apart and so, instead of finding solace and support in each other to help manage the displacement and isolation they feel in their new lives, they struggle on, each in their own private bubble of loneliness and pain.

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Gould’s Book of Fish by Richard Flanagan

I went on a strange journey and now that I’ve returned, I’m not quite sure what just happened. Actually, Gould’s Book of Fish is what happened. I have to start off by saying that I loved this book. Loved it. We didn’t start off on the right foot together (admittedly, I may have just been grumpy that day), but once the narrative really kicked off, I was hooked. 

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