Fire on the Rocks, Bicheno

Acrylic on linen canvas
Height: 61cm x Width: 92cm
Colour is the main inspiration for my art. Whenever I feel that I need to capture a scene, it is because some particular colour has made an impression on me, whether it’s that special glow during the golden hour, the blue intensity of shadow, or — as in this case — the peculiarly distinct orange hue of the rocks on this beach at Bicheno. I live in Melbourne, so this landscape was painted from a photograph. It happens to be one that I took about 20 years ago when I first travelled to Tasmania as a young woman. The memory of this vivid colouring has stayed with me strongly ever since, it keeps returning to me at various times, particularly when I see a scene that is somewhat similar, but not as satisfying. For me, this painting is all about that fiery orange. Bold, unexpected against the typical coolness of a seaside scene: blue rock, blue water, blue sky — cool waves of calm relief interrupted by this flash of fire. It’s a colour to wake the senses, to stir the heart.